Open Studio Days

The print studio at the Green Lion is usually working on Wednesday afternoons (but you might call us first to be sure!). Come see whatever David is up to - might be printing, carving, or drawing. You are welcome to stop in. You can even try your hand at whatever is going on. And it's all free.

Full-Day Workshops


Carve and print your own wood or linoleum block starting from scratch in a day. Or work on a more involved project over multiple sessions. We can do dramatic black and white prints, make beautiful, layered color prints with multiple blocks or reduction printing. Want to experiment with monoprints? We can also explore white-line prints - done with watercolors, a single block, and hand-printing.

Workshops/classes are normally scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays, but other days are possible - let us know what would work for you. Call 207-442-7076 or email

Cost is $60 for a full day (10 am to 5 pm), including materials. Discounts are available for groups (more than 3 people who sign up together), and multiple sessions booked ahead.

Print your own card

You can easily design, carve, and print your own card idea in a day, or make prints from one of ours. Great fun for kids and families!

Card-making sessions are $20 for materials, and $2 per card (envelopes included). The fun is free! Call 207-442-7076 or email