Richard William Blanchard

Richard William Blanchard grew up in Winthrop, and found opportunities to develop his creative inclinations at the University of Maine in Augusta while he was still in high school. He continued through his university career, working as a sculptor and performance artist as well as honing his skills as the painter and visual artist he’s become professionally. He now divides his time between Maine and Los Angeles. 

“The rawness of the textural landscapes of Maine is constantly an inspiration. The unmanicured ground, the pine trees and the constant change of the weather stirs an internal mood.  In an abstract way, I am consumed by that presence and I want to convey that in my work.”

With over 35 years of painting behind him now, Richard Blanchard has created a canon of techniques with a luminous and subtle color palette and layered, textural brushwork encompassing hemispheres and cosmic planes and bridging them in a unified vision with the trees, houses, stars, heavens and animals of the world around us. His paintings are intuitive constructions, combining and sometimes breaking up skies, suns, moons, trees, and planes of color into landscapes that are at once abstract and yet grounded in the realities of our particular land forms.