Purchasing Information

We are delighted to respond to orders for artwork, and to hear from you in general.  Please be aware though that there's often only one person in the gallery, during working hours. We'll get back to you very shortly, even if we can't always do it instantly.  Our web platform should send you an automated acknowledgement of an order, though.


On our artists' shop pages, there are separate images for framed and unframed artwork. This is of course because of different prices and shipping costs for framed and unframed work, and also so you can see what the actual framed work looks like.

In some cases prints may be available from the artist unframed even when our piece is framed; if you're interested please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to find out. If we have both framed and unframed versions of work on hand in the gallery, both images are shown on the shop pages.

Dimensions are given for the actual image area, not the overall frame size for framed work.  If you'd like to know the framed size of anything, just let us know.


Sadly, our web platform (Squarespace) can't deal with the complexities of shipping art very well!  We apologize on their behalf.  Generally, there is an item on the Shop pages for shipping framed or unframed artwork, and you can click on the appropriate one for addition to your cart along with the print(s).  However, occasionally when artists have work in a wide range of sizes, we'll need to be in touch about the actual packing and shipping costs for your order. As soon as we get your order we'll confirm he shipping details, or let you know the shipping costs if necessary.  Please feel free also to send us a note on the Contact page, or call us at 207-844-3770.

We can generally pack and ship unframed work via USPS Priority Mail (insured) within the continental US for $15, as long as its shortest dimension is less than about 23 inches (so it fits in a 24" mailing tube, with packing).  This is true for almost all the prints we sell, and many other works on paper.  We ship smaller items in flat reinforced envelopes, and larger work in sturdy mailing tubes.

We can pack and ship most framed art, USPS Priority insured, for $40 to $50, though larger frames or 3-dimensonal work may be more, and smaller work can be a bit less. We pack carefully, using heavy cardboard, polystyrene insulation board (“blueboard”), and/or thin wood strips to protect the frame(s). We fully insure the package, of course.

Shipping for multiple items together costs much less than items shipped individually - for instance, we can ship several unframed pieces in the same container for the cost of one, and two framed pieces cost little more to ship than one.

We are happy to use other carriers than USPS, and we can also ship internationally, just let us know and we'll get you an accurate quote.


We accept credit cards via Stripe or Paypal transfers through their site.  The checkout process will automatically take you the secure Stripe site if you select "credit card", or to PayPal if you select that option. We also accept checks or money orders by mail, and credit/debit cards over the phone. 

We will be glad to set a piece aside for you and accept payments over time as you can afford them.


We have to charge Maine sales tax of 5.5% on orders shipped to Maine addresses, even though the "cart" function doesn't include it.  We may be required to charge and pay taxes to other states in the future, but don't at the moment.


We will gladly accept returned work if it’s not what you had in mind, for any reason, within 30 days of shipping. It must be in its original condition. We can refund the purchase price or exchange work for something that is a better fit for you. If you exchange for a more expensive piece, the remainder will be due. If you exchange for a less expensive piece, we refund the difference. 

We ask that you pay for return shipping, including insurance for the full value of the piece being returned. We cannot offer credit for work that’s been damaged.