Olga Merrill


Olga Merrill was born in the Far East of Russia, on April 9th, 1971 and grew up there until June of 1988.

She graduated from Samara State University of Economics in 1992 and Samara State University in 1996. She lived and worked in Russia until March of 2013 when came to Maine, USA and life changed. At the end of 2015 her life changed even more – she got a photo camera and her view of the world became different through lenses. Photography was a hobby for her father, and she remembers the smell of chemicals from being with him in his darkroom. Who knew that after more than 35 years from her first brief touch of photography, it would be her hobby and photography started playing a significant role in her life.

She creates painterly, mysterious, intriguing artworks that bring imagination. Her dreams and her feelings are in her works. Abstract photography with endless creativity and experiences using different techniques and tools became a passion for her, and she is happy that she found the way to express herself through this style.