Mary Teichman


I discovered multi- plate color etching in 1974, while a student at Cooper Union in New York City. Yellow, red, blue and black copper plates overlap to create secondary and earth colors, creating a broad spectrum of color, as well as line, tonal and textural effects.

I always begin with a black and white drawing, working on the color by taking proofs and adjusting. Because I re-etch or scrape out, I can be experimental and change the color as I go along.  

My color etchings are triggered by things I observe: a color or texture, a slant of light--especially those that evoke memories. I am fascinated by the quality of light at night, and by the shapes emerging as my eyes adjust to the darkness. My multiple plate technique, makes possible rich colors and dense blacks, and lends itself easily to night scenes. I've recently come out of this dark phase-- opting for more bright, saturated colors.

Through the years, my images have evolved from still lifes and interiors, to city scenes, and to landscapes and factory buildings like the one where my studio is located. I am interested in history, change, light and mystery. The crumbling factories and derelict towns represent a bygone era, a reminder of their former majesty.