Mae Billington


Mae Billington grew up in rural Maine playing in the woods and fields, along old stone walls and in the remains of buildings, finding treasures of glass and rusted things buried in the trash of days gone by.  Since those early days her passion for old forgotten treasures has grown and fueled her creativity towards assemblage and sculpture. 

Billington is an artist with a remarkable talent for transforming cast-off things into pensive and whimsical creations reflecting her love and curiosity about the world and our place in it.  Her work is made with an amazing variety of objects, from old books and broken clocks to beach trash and driftwood, and creates a sense of untold stories and mystery that mirrors her love of both the human and the natural world and her passion for the environment around us.

 As she puts it, “Something that really encourages my passion for transforming lost things is how friends and people who like my art give me things to use, and then it’s just magical how they take on a new life.  It’s really three-dimensional collage.”  Science, geometry, spirituality, nature and self-discovery all contribute to her work.  A more recent influence has been the work of the late Mildred Johnson of Brunswick.