Lilian Day Thorpe

Lilian Day Thorpe creates photography-based montages from her own original photographs. The results are fictional landscapes that appear more painterly than photographic. For this, she has such inspirational artists as Pieter Bruegel, Hercules Segers, Caspar David Friedrich, Albert Pinkham Ryder, and Milton Avery to thank. Thorpe is also moved by the Pictorialist movement of photography, and she strives to portray a similar hand-painted quality in her digital montages.

In September 2014, Thorpe was awarded an artist’s residency at the Gullkistan Center for Creativity in the small town of Laugarvatn, Iceland. She spent a month in a secluded farmhouse shooting by day and editing by night. The result was Gullkistan, a series of digital montages inspired by the darkly beautiful, intimate landscapes of Iceland. For this and other works, Surface Magazine named Thorpe the Avant Guardian winner for 2015.