Elizabeth Starr 


I was drawn powerfully to Maine in the late eighties after a childhood full of seaside summers. The farther down-east, the better. I arrived in Pemaquid in 1987 to find everything the way I left it — still pristine granite shorelines, edged by gnarled spruce and fir. Underfoot are shell fragments and perfectly round stones, shaped by an angry, yet powerful sea. All this and solitude has influenced my drawings and paintings in a profound way. My paintings feel like poems birthed from sand, salt and tides; hedged by towers of marbled granite that holds the ocean in place. My painted words are broken clam shells and shards of mussel. Touching nature in a primal way, breathing its’ essence and feeling the forces, discovering its’ delicious secrets and hidden treasures, this is what I endeavor to convey on paper and canvas.