Bernadette de Cesare


Bernadette has always felt comfortable being defined as a visionary artist. Many of her images carry haunting qualities that draw the viewer into her work. Over the years, Bernadette has developed her own unique style, through her observations. She entertains us with her bold colorful palette, textures and weavings of complex patterns. Her contemporary style is a mixture of symbolism, story telling, abstraction and fantasy. 

  "My art gives me joyful surprises as well as artistic discomfort. My inspirations come from my personal experiences, my ever changing environment, the Tarot, mystical and healing arts and a life time of Artistic Curiosity ….where the realm of the subconscious is powerful.”

" The more you create, the more the channel stays open. " 

She welcomes the observer to connect to her paintings and share in her journey.